An Improbable Life Series

Finally I was able to update (most of) the info on Goodreads for my father’s books series. Because it is indeed a series, made up for now of three published books (three have been published in English by Authorhouse UK, all translated by me, and believe me it is not easy to translate your father’s book of memoirs) and will eventually be 4, at least.

The books are well worth reading, and I’m not saying that because he’s my father. I say it because they are a mindblowing series of adventures which Hollywood producers would love to have a script for, but probably wouldn’t use as nobody would believe it was realistic. But it is all real.

Because the publishing took so long there are a lot of amiss details, in the titles, the covers, etc. But the text is all there, originally written in Italian by FRASAR and then translated by me.

Below the original English version covers, just because they are good looking as done by my illustrator husband, Paolo Puggioni.

Once again, if you HAVE already read them, please review them: be ruthless! But be honest, always.


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