And so, here it is.

My novel, The House of Blue, is finally available in hard copy too. Also in Kindle format (free if you bought the print copy).


It is available on Amazon (and soon other places too) all over the world.

It is a strange feeling, a feeling of peace and relief.

This is not how I would have chosen to write my book. I’ve been writing since forever but always postponing, always impossibly busy doing crazy things with my life which, fortunately, as I stand now, didn’t turn out too badly. Then again, looking back, that was not how I would have lived my life, given a choice, which I felt I never really had: I always took it by force, wilfully, that choice, and did “whatever I very well pleased”, often to survive.

This book is similar: it was written in stolen time during a Nanorimo burst, just before I started working in a shop and therefore felt it was my swallow soul’s final wingbeat. It started out wanting to be a humorous novel and ended up being a desperate attempt to create a dream pension scheme of mine (I’m serious, the book is full of oldish people) at first and then, as friendships waned and faded and changed, a shrine to enclose precious thoughts in. By releasing it into the Bookverse, all those thoughts are now released and I am more at peace.

The narrative is a little chaotic, you’re not always sure who’s doing the talking. Chaotic, imaginative, confusing, frustrating, beautiful: all terms that have been used for me. So, I guess, there goes quite a big chunk of me! Shoo! Shoo! Off you go then!