I am a published writer

I really am.

Here is my first book. It’s out there. I started it in Nanowrimo 2011 and now finally it’s published, it’s out there.


This dreamy, ghosty book kind of sums up the future I might have wanted for myself, though it is, well, obviously, fiction.

My next book, currently underway, will be quite different indeed. Let us just say if this is probably recommended for 15+ that one will most definitely be 18+.

I could carry on editing and perfecting and finding so many faults it’s difficult to keep track. But my whole life has been about waiting for the right time for something, and I always got fed up of waiting. I’m not good at waiting. And recently I have decided to just be me. And me means no waiting. This book has got to go, then the next one, and then I will be able to start something new. But both these books have to go first. So here it goes, it’s free, it’s out there! If you read it, I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, no problem! It matters to me, that it’s out there.

If you do read it however, please please leave a review, even if it’s negative (I mean it), so long as it’s sincere.

Phewwwww that’s one out. Yay!


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