Actively seeking authors

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, perhaps not that actively. I am very busy after all, full time translating Frasar’s saga (we’re still unsure on the definitive English title, so it’s under wraps for now).

Ever since I decided to quit my retail job in order to go back full time into translating, and finally translating what I wanted, that is, BOOKS, I have actually been working. That has meant that all my ideas on how to expand my activity and involve lots of other wonderful people/writers/translators kind of took a back seat and just, well, stayed. The way a well-trained dog stays. Not mine. My dog would get bored. But I digress.

I just thought I should occasionally put it out there that I am actually, quite seriously, looking for people who are writers and translators and wish to gradually let me get to know them, so that I can recommend them for translations.

I have worked in translation for many, too many years. I know the rush and the compromises and the ways in which agencies are forced to work. Mine is a gamble: to work differently.

Also, having translated a few books by now, I got an idea of how the publishing sector works when it comes to translations. Is it any wonder that translated books account for a very small percentage of books read in England? No. It used to be surprising for me, but it no longer is.

It is time to change all that.

I love reading. I love different cultures, be they national, or personal. I think we should all be telling our stories, and the role of the person who helps you tell that story is paramount.

So, regardless of languages you are passionate about, and themes you are passionate about (I recently translated a book about pike fishing, and it was wonderful!), please do write to me, send me your CV, keep in touch. The pace is sloooooooow so don’t expect things to happen quickly, but I would very much like to have you in mind.

Authors, the same goes for you: whether you write about gardens, (I just found one lovely blogger whose blog is just adorable) or about adventures under the sea, contact me if you wish to translate them, and we can start to talk about it.

You can comment here, follow my blog, send me an email at writervalentina (at) gmail (dot) com, follow me on Twitter or on Facebook. Contact options are almost limitless (I don’t do phones, sorry, not a fan).


3 thoughts on “Actively seeking authors

  1. Thank you for the generous mention, Val. I won’t submit as a translator, since I’m not that good (I wish I were!)… but here you are: a brand new follower, and supporter for your personal and professional mission. Go, go, gooo! 😉


    1. Thank you 🙂 Well, my ambition for our new house near the Peak District will be to actually try an dimplement a garden despite our big burly dog… so I’ll be looking at you for inspiration! Keep up the good work 🙂


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